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Our Eco-Friendly Values

At Paritor we are committed to keeping our own carbon footprint low, as well as helping you with yours. It’s part of our philosophy and impacts the choices we make as a business.

Our Website

Paritor’s website has been carbon neutral since 2012. The carbon impact of the web is largely caused by the electricity used. We’ve carefully selected a carbon neutral web hosting option and our site uses caching to reduce the server overhead when servers process every page view. Finally, we use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve assets from a location closer to the website visitors region, another eco-friendly choice.

Working From Home

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Since the global pandemic started, our entire company have been working from home. It worked so well, and the team didn’t want to return to the office full time with the global situation still so uncertain, so we have now done away with the traditional office and moved to a virtual office. This helped to reduce our carbon footprint as no one has to commute to work regularly, it also reduces the time that the working day takes away from our staff, improving their work/life balance.

WSP’s calculations show that working from home rather than the office in summer saves around 400kg of carbon emissions, the equivalent of 5% of a typical British commuter’s annual carbon footprint. 

WSP 2020


Another way we are becoming more carbon neutral is by using Microsoft azure to power the new Xperios software. Azure has four key goals of environmental impact that they are focusing on:

Using 100% renewable energy by 2025

Zero-Waste Certified by 2030

Water positive by 2030 (replenish more water than they consume)

Net Zero Deforestation from new construction

What can Paritor do to help your carbon footprint?

With our new software, Xperios, we can reduce your paper usage. Xperios is an app-based software that automates your admin processes and manages your communications. Some specific examples:

  • Produce electronic reports that can be automatically emailed to the right people
  • Allocate the right access for different users, no need to print summaries for other departments
  • Your students can book and pay entirely online, saving printed invoicing, printed cheques and physical visits for card payments
  • Teachers can fill in attendance and student reports online without printing endless registers (not to mention the manpower to manually input this data…)

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