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Progress at Paritor: STEM Graduate Matthew Batten

Our graduate Matt has been working with us for a year already, we can hardly believe it. Happy work-anniversary! As a valued part of the team, he’s already contributed to our new software Xperios in some key projects.

Matt’s Work

During the past year, Matt has contributed to the software aspect of the Xperios ‘ecosystem’. He has added many features, including those to help administrators manage:

  • Texting parents and students
  • Teacher pay scales
  • Teacher Qualifications
  • FTE for holiday and pay entitlements
  • Academic term settings
  • Audition timeslots

You can find examples of his work in our marketing materials here and here.

Matt has also worked on importing data features, which will allow administrators to use excel templates to add large numbers of teachers and prospectuses to their databases with the click of a button.

Latest Project

He’s currently working on integrating Microsoft’s QnAMaker into our software. This will allow customers to manage sets of question-and-answer pairs called a knowledge base.

Administrators will be able to manage these in one of three ways: editorially, importing sets from a URL (usually an FAQs page) or importing from an excel template. These Q&As will be implemented into the Live Portal, allowing our parents and students to ask questions and receive relevant prewritten answers.

It will also allow administrators to ask us questions in the software as we can solve any problems they may run into.

What is Xperios?

Xperios is the fifth iteration of the Ensemble software that is used across the UK by tuition providers. After over 30 years of providing software for music hubs and private music tuition programmes, Xperios offers a faster, more intuitive solution to tuition admin and can be used across all performing arts.

Read more about how Xperios differs from Ensemble. We are currently rolling out Xperios to existing Paritor Ensemble users, but we will be launching a download page on the website for anyone to download the software for free shortly. If you’re interested in our Xperios software then get in touch.



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