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Recap: Music Mark Conference 2020

Our virtual music software stand at Music Mark 2020

Paritors Annoucement

This year, the Music Mark Conference 2020 was like no other. Why? Well aside from all the unique and engaging content provided, the conference was entirely digital.

The Paritor team was especially excited due to the adapted virtual format of the event which speaks to our ethos of communicating via technology. We were also excited because this year our presence at the event would be a little different. Paritor acted as sponsors of the main channel, which meant we featured throughout, on the conference day and after.  

In this short blog, we’ll be reviewing the highlights of the Music Mark Conference 2020 for Paritor, just in case you missed out on a ticket! 

As sponsors of the main channel, Paritor had their own virtual exhibition stand which included a page packed full of content hinting towards the big announcement we made on the day of the conference: the launch of the latest version of our software, Xperios. If you’re an exhibition ticket holder, this content is still available to you until the end of December!  

What is Xperios?

Xperios is available to download from 2021 and includes new features such as virtual conferencing, digital learning tools, built-in support and training, and automated processes for streamlining your ways of working. Our latest version of the Paritor product also allows you to switch features on and off. This way you can tailor the software to your tuition service requirements. For more information on this get in touch.

The conference day on the 20th consisted of ongoing content aired from the morning into the late afternoon. There was plenty to engage with and think about at the Music Mark Conference 2020.

Our Highlights

Our feature in YolanDa’s opening remarks: We were delighted to have a mention in YolanDa’s welcome remarks earlier in the day. With everyone buzzing for the conference and listening to the run-through, we felt especially honoured to share some of the spotlight. 

Shortly after, our video ad unveiling Xperios was aired! It was also played a second time later that afternoon. The Paritor team were eager to finally get talking about the latest version of our software, so revealing our new website at our virtual stand and revealing our new look via our ad was a big moment for us! To see a version of our ad visit Paritor’s social media channels and check out our posts on 20/11/20.  

A screenshot of the Paritor content on the Music Mark website
Above: Paritor’s virtual stand.

Dr Julia Jones’ keynote speech: We especially enjoyed the keynote speaker, Dr Julia Jones’ speech on how music affects our brain processes. The scientifically proven health benefits of music are essential in solidifying our understanding of the importance of music education. This speech explored how music is essentially an exercise for the brain. It encouraged us to consider that whilst we concern ourselves with exercising our bodies, we often forget the most efficient ways of promoting brain functionality. 

This speech was an education for all listeners on the fundamentals that allow us to enjoy music, such as how we hear and how music releases brain chemicals like dopamine. Shortly after this speech our Xperios ad first aired at 10.45 am. The morning of the conference was a real treat! 

On Demand: The On Demand content is something we are still enjoying after the conference’s end! A collection of current and relevant video content can be watched at your own pace via the On Demand channel for the event. The best bit is that all this content is still available to Music Mark Conference ticket holders until the end of December. Film resources include ‘Practitioner Wellbeing in the Digital Realm, ‘Orchestral Concerts for Kids’, and ‘Music in the Early Years in Light of the New Development Matters’, as well as several other film features which address the world of music education today.  

A woman at a computer in a white shirt doing some online software training

The event ran professionally thanks to an incredibly hard-working team putting everything together behind the scenes. The Paritor team want to thank Music Mark for holding such a thought-provoking conference despite the difficulties of Covid-19. We believe that the Music Mark conference was the opportune setting to unleash Xperios!

We encourage parents, teachers, administrators, and Heads of Service alike to take a look at what Xperios has to offer on our website and keep track of the latest on our social channels. In addition, don’t forget to enjoy everything the Music Mark Conference 2020 has to offer for another month!  


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