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3 Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Tuition Business

A phone on a tablet with social media buttons open

Running a business social media account can seem like a daunting prospect for some, but it can be of huge benefit to your business. Here are the top three reasons you should be using social media for tutoring.

A phone on a tablet with social media buttons open

1. Show Your Expertise

Choosing a tutor or tutoring service is a big deal, when looking into who to invest time and money with, your students (or the parents of students) will want to know that they are getting the best education available.

You can clearly demonstrate that you’re worth the investment by posting news and relevant blogs on your social media, with expert commentary, your thoughts and how this impacts your niche.

If you’re a music tutor, for example, videos of you performing or teaching will show that you know what you are doing, an expert in your field. Discussions on the positives and negatives of various brands of an instrument, the kind of pieces you teach to beginners and other relevant posts will show prospective students that they can invest in your abilities.

2. Keep Everyone in the Loop

Encouraging your existing tuition students (or their parents, for younger students) to follow you on social media makes it easy to keep them in the loop on a platform that they’re familiar with and already checking regularly.

If you use a professional tuition management system like Xperios it’s easy to send emails en masse or individually that are correctly branded and opens are tracked. You can also send texts for immediate, important updates. Social media is another simple way to keep in touch and gives you the option for updates that aren’t urgent enough for a text but still worth sharing.

Whether you’re posting about the success of some of your students to encourage others (with their written permission of course) or there’s a reminder that you’d like to send everyone, messaging a group couldn’t be easier.

Emergency Communications

Hopefully, we won’t see another pandemic, but how did you get in touch with everyone when you needed to keep them updated on the rules for your tuition services?

A stream of reassurance on a social media platform about the zoom classes available, the dates when face to face lessons were starting again and the venues that would be open helped maintain the numbers of students for many forward-thinking tuition services. Social media is a great way to keep students and parents up to date with what’s happening, with very little admin for you.

3. Find New Students

Whether you’re an independent language tutor going from fast to famine or a large music service with a roster of students, there will always be turnover in the people that you’re teaching.

You can use social media to keep your tutoring business top of mind for those who are engaged with you already, and you can also reach out to similar audiences with boosted posts and adverts that target these new potential students or their parents.

Thanks to the advanced targeting on platforms like Facebook, you can exclude anyone you’ve previously worked with and drill down into some detail about the kind of people that you would like to see your ads. If you’re struggling with getting in new business it’s often helpful to revisit your tuition business model.

Social Media for Your Tuition Business

In the end, it is up to you whether you need to use social media for your tuition business.

If you’d rather only use professional communication systems then it’s worth investing the time to set up tuition management software and communicating via email and text.

Most tuition software will not only communicate with your students or their parents but will also plan your schedules and help with invoicing.

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Much More than a Communications Tool

If you’re offering tuition and would like software that manages all of your communications with students and their parents why not go the whole hog and get software that can manage lesson schedules, attendance, events, payments and resources too?

Xperios has a huge range of features, perfect for tuition management. Whether you’re an independent tutor or part of a large organisation. We’ve worked with music services for over 25 years and we’re broadening the software to encompass all areas of tuition so everyone can benefit from this fantastic resource. Want to know more?


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