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Module Overview: Vision


Our Vision module unlocks the power of effective observation and tailored feedback. Designed to streamline your teacher observation process, save time, and improve the overall quality of teaching. With it’s intuitive design, secure data management, and seamless integration with Xperios, Vision enhances efficiency, revolutionising your teacher observations.

key features


Customisable Frameworks

Tailor your assessment criteria to align with your specific service requirements. With Xperios you can setup the system as you need, to ensure you are assessing what truly matters allowing for accurate evaluations and targeted development for effective and efficient teaching.

Self Reflection & Moderation

Effectively communicate with teachers, guiding them through self-reviews, tracking and personal targets, allowing you to monitor progress and identify strengths. Receive an automatic notification when you've been assigned as a moderator. Moderators can effortlessly complete observations through our intuitive Portal. Easily add notes to observations, and with just a click, insert commonly used phrases into the report, saving time and maintaining focus on the teacher. Vision empowers you and your team to provide tailed feedback, nurturing growth and driving continuous improvement.


Seamless Communication

With built-in notification and messaging functionality, easily communicate with administrators, teachers, and moderators. Maintain a record of all correspondence for auditing purposes ensuring transparent and accountable communication channels.


Multimedia Recording

Capture lessons through video or audio, allowing for comprehensive reviews and additional evidence. Upload best practice evidence, such as lesson plans, and store them with teacher records for a holistic assessment of teaching and performance.

Automatic Integration

Vision seamlessly integrates from the Portal to Xperios, enabling easy access to information entered on the Portal or through the desktop. Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency across multiple platforms.


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