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Module Overview: Studies


With the Studies module, every student is unique and deserves a tailored educational experience. Studies is a comprehensive module allowing students to participate in a mix of activities over a fixed period, enabling them to select the perfect blend of core and elective subjects to suit their interests and aspirations.

key features


Management & Organisation

Xperios is designed to streamline the management and organisation of Studies. Whether you prefer to group all pupil studies under a single study, or create multiple studies based on core instrument types or core subjects, Xperios adapts to your needs. For example, music-based pupil studies can be effortlessly grouped under a dedicated study, while dance-based pupil studies find their place within a dance study. Xperios provides the flexibility to structure studies according to your preferences, ensuring efficient administration and smooth operation for you and your team.

Flexible, Customisable Studies

Empower your students to design their own educational path. Students have the freedom to choose from a variety of core and elective subjects, each with its own associated cost, providing a rich and diverse learning experience. Ensure that every pupil can create a study that aligns with their unique preferences and goals, combining subjects that ignite their passion and maximise their growth.


Effortless Application Process

With Xperios, applying for a study is a breeze. Our intuitive Portal provides students with a user-friendly interface, simplifying the application process. Through the Portal, students can access real-time information about their achievements, communication updates, and news relevant to their studies. With the Portal, applicants can make secure online payments linked to your preferred payment provider. Xperios streamlines the administrative tasks, enabling students to focus on what matters most - their education.


Unlock the Potential of Xperios

Join the ever growing community of educational institutions and students who have embraced Xperios as their preferred platform for managing Studies. With our software, you can unleash the true potential of every student, offering them a tailored educational experience that fosters growth, creativity, and success.


Xperios Overview

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