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Module Overview: Resources


Our Resources module helps manage your instruments and valuable assets. Keep a detailed stock list and history of repairs. Scan QR and barcodes to maintain inventory and easily assign available instruments to students.

key features


Maintain a Detailed Instrument and Stock Database

Whether it's instruments, sheet music, costumes or other resources, the Resources module will ensure you have a comprehensive stock database at your fingertips.

Create Custom Resource Categories Based on your Specific Inventory

The Resources module allows you to create custom categories based on your inventory and needs. Need to record all of your sheet music - no problem. Are you after a way to record your costumes - we've got you covered.
You can create the categories to record all of your items to go against. Make it as specific or broad as you need. There are so many ways that Xperios can take care of your admin. The software can be adapted to suit you and your needs.


Scan Instruments and Kit Using Either QR Codes or Barcodes

You can create new QR and barcodes for your inventory. Simply enter the barcode number and the system creates the codes for you.
You and your team will be able to use the App to scan your stock, immediately updating your stock database accurate and up to date.


Assign and Remove Resources from Pupils as Needed

Use the Resources module to allocate hires or loans of resources to your pupils. Using Xperios you can quickly see if a resource is available, allocate it to your pupil and assign. Need your teachers to allocate stock? That's no problem! They can do this to through the Portal. Returning resources is just as easy.


Know when your resources are out for repair, see all repair history

Resources allows you to mark your stock as being out for repair. You can mark what is wrong with the resource, add notes, and assign it to specific members of the team to resolve. Record when stock is returned and see a full repair history for each item.

Manage hire lists, see which hires require assignment and which are on collection/delivery

Easily access a full range of stock reports. See what is on hire/loan, with details of when they went out, the charge being used and if they are linked to a pupil's tuition. Need to see who is waiting for a resource - you can do that with the Resources module. There's even a report for resources that are waiting to be collected or delivered.


Resources Overview

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