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Module Overview: Rapport


Our Rapport module helps you manage your customer relationships and foster stronger connections. Here’s what Rapport can do for you.

key features


Centralised Customer Information

Say goodbye to scattered customer data. With Rapport, all customer information is stored in one place - their comprehensive record card. Even if a contact has multiple roles, their details will be organised into convenient tabs, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessibly and in the right place. Use tags for effective reporting to target the right audience with your emails. Simplify your work flow and streamline customer interactions with Rapport.

Effective Communication Tracking

Never miss a beat in your customer interactions. Store all the important contact details on their record card. Need to contact them - no problem simply use the comms tools available from each contact record. Utlisise the Notes tab to record important information, ensuring that crucial details are captured and readily available. Use the Journal tab to review all communications, including secure messages exchanged between teachers and parents/ pupils in the Portal. You can even drill down on emails to see if they've been opened, and when. Stay informed, maintain transparency, and provide exceptional service.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With Rapport, customer satisfaction is at the forefront. Handle customer inquiries efficiently and effectively, providing timely and accurate responses using the Issues Manager. Additionally, create knowledge bases tailored to your customers' needs which pull through to the Portal, empowering them to find answers independently and reducing their reliance on support staff. Empower you customers and exceed their expectations.


AI Help Bot

Say hello to our intelligent AI Chat Bot, included with Rapport. Harness the power of automation to provide instant support to your customers. By leveraging your knowledge base, the AI bot can answer common questions and concerns. You can even update it to include your latest news. If a customer doesn't find what they're looking for, they can submit a help request which pulls through to your Issues Manager to answer. Respond promptly and resolve their queries in no time.


Time-Saving Efficiency

Rapport is designed to save you time. With streamlined customer management, efficient communication tracking, and AI powered support, you can focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional experiences to your customers. Maximise your productivity and devote more time to nurturing relationships.

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