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Module Overview: Groups


Our Groups module helps you effortlessly manage your choirs, orchestras and ensembles. Keep a detailed schedule, assign a lead teacher and maintain an accurate member list.

key features


Easy Group Setup

With our Groups module, you can create a new choir, orchestra, or ensemble in a matter of minutes. With our pre-made fields, you can create your groups quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Customise your Group Requirements Based on your Specific Needs

If you're looking to ask more specific questions for your groups, we've got you covered. When creating your group you can customise them with additional fields and questions based on your specific needs. For example, if you want to record which part of the orchestra the member is? We've got that option. Want to make the group only applicable to a certain age range? You can do that with Groups. Want to request evidence of the member's ability? You can!


Create Group, Ensemble, and Rehearsal Schedules

As part of the Groups module, you'll be able to easily create schedules and manage the activities for each group, rehearsal and performance. Tutors will also be able to see these via their Portal and even record member attendance online.


Maintain Detailed Member Records

Member records are automatically created for you when members apply online. Their details can be updated from both Xperios and directly by them through their Portal. Keep up-to-date member information such as subject, part, start date, attendance and current charge rate. You can even record and access pupil consent information and debtor details.


Easy Communications

Making and sending Emails, texts, and phone calls has never been easier! Communicate with all, some or just individuals through Xperios. You can even send Secure Messages that go through to their Portal. Want to make it even easier? You can turn on permissions for teachers so they can send secure messages too and see these in the members journal so you're always in the know!

Report on Members, Leavers, Permissions and More

Get your member reports at the touch of a button. Use the built in dashboard reports to easily gather your member information. From current members, leavers, those waiting for a place, to emergency contact details. Let Xperios do the hard work for you! Psst - Did you know, you can even connect a data visualisation tool like PowerBI for live reporting!


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