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Module Overview: Events


Our Events module helps you manage your Events at the touch of a button. With the Portal offering 24/7 accessibility and a fantastic user-friendly journey, Xperios does the hard work for you! Find out more below.

key features


Easy Setup

Effortlessly organise your event with our intuitive software. Use the pre-defined fields to enter essential details and customise your events. Seamlessly save and showcase your even on your own Portal page.

Detailed Event Information

With Xperios you can ensure each of your events meet your business requirements. Add in comprehensive information about the event such as date, times, venue and any special instructions. All of this information will appear on the Portal for your customers to see. With Xperios you can help your customers make information choisces before making their booking.


Customer Friendly Portal

The well designed and intuitive online booking Portal means the process is quick and effortless for all involved. Customers will be able to navigate easily, selecting their event and any add-ons. Booking an event using Xperios and the Portal is an easy process without any complications for you or your customer base.


Great Accessibility

Gone are the days of needing to book in person or over the phone during business hours. Our online booking Portal provides 24/7 accessibility, allowing your customers to register online at their convenience, anytime, and from anywhere with an internet connection.


Online Payments

Seamlessly integrate your payment provider with the Portal to offer your customers safety, security and peace of mind.

Automatic Booking Confirmation

After completing their booking, Xperios and the Portal automatically sends the customer their booking confirmation via email saving you and your team valuable time! Let Xperios do the hard work for you. #xperioscan


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