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Module Overview: Consultations


Our Consultations module will revolutionise the way your online appointments are managed. Improve your efficiency, communication, and overall customer satisfaction for appointments like parents evenings.

key features


Streamlined Admin Processes

Consultations simplifies the process of organising online appointments, by taking everything online. Say goodbye to the need for paperwork and extensive manual coordination between parents and teachers. Your Admin team can easily set up the basics including date, times, and durations and your teachers and parents can do the rest.

Flexible Booking System

With the integrated Portal, parents can conveniently book appointments online using their Schooble accounts, selecting from the available times that suits their schedules.


Automated Reminders

To ensure both parents and teachers don't forget their appointments, our system will send timely reminders, making it easier for the to manage their commitments. A handy reminder also shows on their dashboard when they login to the Portal. During the appointment, the time left is displayed and an alert will pop up on the screen when there's just a couple of minutes left.


Enhanced Communication

During appointments, pupil information is displayed on screen in real time, such as attendance, lesson notes and assessments. Teachers and parents can foster a productive discussion about student development and achievement from this.

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