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Module Overview: Auditions


With Auditions we streamline and enhance your auditions process. Xperios offers a wide range of features designed to simplify scheduling, improve communication and manage payments securely. Auditions guides applicants through each step, ensuring a smooth journey for both you and your potential students or members.

key features


Auditions Made Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple calendars and endless back-and-forth emails. With Auditions you can create and schedule auditions, saving time and reducing administrative burdens. Simply use our bespoke audition fields to create your audition. Set up dates, time slots, durations, and available spaces and the system will take care of the rest.

Comprehensive Activity Catalogue

Advertise your auditions effectively with our comprehensive activity catalogue feature. Showcase your auditions online via the Portal and display important details such as audition dates, times, and requirements creating a professional and informative listing. Reach a wider audience and attract talented individuals who are the perfect fir for your activities and projects.


Clear Audition Instructions & Expectations

Ensure a smooth audition process by providing clear instructions and expectations to applicants. Xperios allows you to include detailed instruction, guidelines and set expectations upon set-up reducing confusion and setting the stage for success. You can effortlessly assess applicants' skills and range by capturing important information during the registration process, allowing you to make informed decisions during auditions. From vocal range to dance techniques, Xperios ensures you have the necessary details at your fingertips.


Safe & Secure Online Payments

Handling payments can be a complex and time consuming task. Xperios and the Portal simplifies the process by offering safe and secure online payment options. Easily collect audition fees or extras, providing peace of mind to both you and your applicants. Focus on selecting the best talent while leaving the financial aspects to our Portal.


Efficient Result Recording & Seamless Transitions

Once auditions are complete, Xperios takes care of recording results sending offers effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can record the outcome of each audition and promptly notify successful applicants. Seamlessly transfer them into their chosen activities and studies with Xperios. Manage the entire process with a single platform, eliminating the need for disjointed systems. Ensure a smooth and efficient on-boarding experience for newly selected candidates and level up your customer satisfaction!

Engaging Portal

Enhance transparency and keep applicants engaged throughout the process with our dedicated Portal. Applicants can track their progress, review updates, and access important messages, all in one centralised place. Empower your applicants by providing real-time information and foster a sense of involvement. Make the process as easy as possible with the Portal so your applicants can focus on showcasing their talents.


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