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Module Overview: Appraise


Our Appraise module helps you and your teachers quickly create engaging, personalised reports, unique to each pupil. With a dedicated Teacher Portal, teachers can write reports online, where key pupil information automatically pulls through – such as attendance, assessments, and comments galore. 

key features


Easy Setup

Xperios seamlessly handles your teacher report process, saving you and your team time and effort. Xperios simplifies the setup process with pre-defined fields, linking valuable content together for easy selection online.

Comprehensive Content

Give your teachers a head-start by providing them with a wide range of cohesive content to choose from. Create specific comment categories like Breath, CODA, and Confidence tailored to your unique organisational needs. Choose from our extensive comment bank, crafted to cover various aspects of student performance. Alternatively, customise your own comments and link them to your categories, ensuring teachers only see what's relevant to their specific lessons. Define technique categories and techniques that perfectly reflect the lessons you provide. Appraise allows you to align your evaluation criteria with your teaching approach, resulting in comprehensive and insightful reports. You can even define the attainment levels and keep track of progress, demonstrating your pupil's learning and development.
Appraise goes the extra mile to personalise reports. By incorporating the pupil's name and preferred pronouns, teachers can create truly individualised feedback that resonates with each student.


Dedicated Teacher Portal

Access reports anytime, anywhere through our secure and user-friendly Teacher Portal. Whether at school, home or the office, reports are just a few clicks away! With the Portal, teachers can see a clear snapshot of their report progress. Teachers can see how many are left to complete and how many have already been submitted helping your teachers stay organised and stay on top of tasks effortlessly!
Appraise allows your teachers to utilise the comment bank, to easily fill in report details. Additionally, the Portal allows the flexibility to freely type and add their own personalised feedback to reflect their unique insights.
With the Portal submitting reports is a breeze. Simply review, finalise, and submit the reports with a few clicks.


Line Manager Review

Assign a Line Manager to each teacher. Line Managers can login to the Portal and review, amend, approve or reject teacher reports, fostering collaboration and improvement.


Instant Publishing

When you're ready, publish your reports at the click of a button! Automatically send them to your pupils and parents to access via the Parent Portal.

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