Take control of your instruments, tech, sheet music and other assets

Effortless control of your resources

From audio equipment to tubas

With detailed records and clever features like bulk uploads and scanning, Resources ensures you have control of your instruments, tech, sheet music and other valuable resources.

Clever features that give you control

Track assets
Record details of hires, loans, repairs. Log the disposal of instruments and whether they were lost, stolen or written off.
Stock control
Always know where you stock is, which instruments are due to be returned, are overdue or at repair. Generate reports and understand how your resources are being utilised.
Produce hire agreements to ensure all users of instruments agree to your terms and conditions.
Generate invoices and reminders automatically, take payment using a choice of online options.
Simplify the tracking and recording process with an easy to use scanning app for any smart device.

Helping you look after your assets

Save time on administration

Improve accuracy of stock information

Secure access to information on and off line

Report and analyse activities

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