Contacts, schedules, finances, reports. Everything you need to manage your service more efficiently

Admin made quick and easy

Bookings, Timetables, Records, Payments, Finances, Reporting and more

Take control of your administration tasks and give stakeholders easy access to the information they need. Packed with clever solutions and features Tuition makes life easier for everyone in your organisation – managers, administrators, teachers, parents and pupils.

Clever features that save you time

Maintain and easily access detailed records of teachers, pupils, schools, centres and groups in one secure system.
Plan tuition across multiple venues with detailed timetables for teachers and pupils. Share and update with ease.
Financial control
Financial management is straightforward and more accurate. Generate invoices and reminders automatically taking into account sibling discounts, remissions, pupil premiums and other factors.
Easy payments
Make it simple for customers with a choice of online payment options, including being able to pay in instalments.
Extract and analyse information easily by using interactive dashboards, customisable reports and the ability to extract data to excel.
Communicate directly with schools, teachers, parents and pupils, retaining a log of all emails texts and letters.

Making life easier for you and your team

Save time on administration

Manage schedules and timetables

Secure access to information on and off line

Manage payments and finances

Report and analyse activities

Streamline communications

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