Let Our Team of Experts and Suite of Resources Lead

Your Software Learning into the Spotlight

Using Paritor Xperios is intuitive.

Simple to follow menus conduct your journey through state-of-the-art ways of working.
Training and support is expertly arranged within the system to ensure users become proficient right on cue.
Specially developed resources show users how to serve up a sensational show from initial set-up to building schedules, taking payments, and communicating with teachers, schools, and pupils.
Interactive Training Modules
Become an expert using our in-system training modules. Each module has been carefully constructed to guide you through all of the assets and aspects of Xperios. Simply click on the examples below and begin building your knowledge.
Comprehensive User Guide
In addition to our extensive training materials, in system help, and the user guide, tailored training from one of our consultants can easily be arranged either online or in person.
Bespoke Training
In addition to our comprehensive training materials, in system help and the user guide bespoke training from one of our consultants can easily be arranged either on line or in person.

Video Training Modules

… with over 50 more modules included in the Xperios software.

Friendly, Fast Support At Your Finger Tips

Smart in System Support
Developed using the latest artificial intelligence technology, our system supplies lightening fast answers to your questions at the click of a button. Just select the Support icon in your system and unlock a virtual world of training and resources that are rich in answers.
Pleasant Staff, Plenty of Expertise
Our knowledgeable support and consultancy team are there to help! Ask any question and we ensure an answer! In order to consistently allow you to get the most out of Xperios, we’ve made it simple to contact us and keep track of your query-in-progress through the system.