Paritor Update: Working From Home Week One


Paritor Update: Working From Home Week One

Getting towards the end of the first week of the whole team working from home. It has been interesting – we have learnt that Mircosoft Teams makes communications really easy and is now available free, that we can still function effectively, what one room in everyone’s house looks like, whose children make them tea and coffee for them (Simon) and whose dog barks most (mine). We have been able to support many of our customers as they make massive adjustments dealing with school closures, lesson cancellations and numerous other challenges. We have helped countless users to access their system remotely as they set up at home, and I am pleased the Paritor infrastructure has successfully managed the surge in demand as our customers have been sending thousands of emails and texts to keep parents, teachers, staff, schools and pupils informed. Over the next weeks and months we will remain focused on supporting our customers and helping them find ways to maintain their services and new ways to teach children.

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