Music Schools

Quick and easy administration solutions for

Music Schools

Simple solutions that
save you time and money

Timetables, finances, bookings, records, reporting and much more.

We use the latest technology to create tools that makes life easier for administrators and teachers helping improve the service you can provide to your customers. Less time and resource spent on admin and finance means more focus on teaching and inspiring children.

Making life easier
for you and your team

We make it easy for all your stakeholders to access the information they need

Improve efficiency with all the key tasks in one place. Scheduling, finance, payments, reporting, resources and events.
Save time, reduce hassle helping them focus on teaching. Access pupil records and schedules, both online and offline.
Parents and pupils
Allow parents and pupils to register children, book activities, exams, events, view and update schedules.

All in one solution to fit your needs

Save time on administration

Manage and promote events

Simplify your audition process

Manage payments and finances

Manage schedules and timetables

Report and analyse activities


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