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We create technical solutions that help educators make the most of their resources, so they can inspire more young people
About Paritor

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30Years of Industry Experience

Back in the 1990’s, Simon Dutton (Paritor’s founder) was approached to find a solution to managing the day-to-day running of a Music Service. Using his expertise in creating accounting and administration software, he created Ensemble, a solution that helped the music service run much more efficiently.

Since then Paritor, led by Simon, has focused on building close relationships with the providers of tuition in the performing arts sector, creating software solutions that help them run more efficiently. Over the last 30 years, the world of software has seen many changes and developments. Paritor has always made use of newest technologies, enabling the software to become increasingly user-friendly whilst expanding its user base to include a wider range of stakeholders across service providers. This has enabled our customers to become increasingly efficient and deliver ongoing improvements in service to their customers.

Today Paritor remains focused on working closely with its customers, adopting the latest and best technology and employing the brightest minds to ensure we continue to offer a range of market-leading products to that help different areas of education provide a better service.