5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Installed Software over Web-Based

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Installed Software over Web-Based

When it comes to using software for our data, we want something dependable with a streamlined user-interface that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Software that isn’t dependable can cause interferences at work or with receiving your service correctly. This ultimately results in a lower rate of productivity and a poorer customer experience.

In the world of software for performing arts tuition services, there are numerous options for securing the right tools. One of the biggest choices to face is whether installed software or web-based software is the answer. There are pros and cons to both, but which offers better service over-all? Web-based interfaces and browser tools are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact users don’t need to install or download anything, but is this the only element that needs consideration? This blog analyses the reasons for choosing installed software over web-based software and explores how installed software can offer the best user experience possible.

  1. Installed software offers a better UX and a more sophisticated UI
    There’s a very good reason why you don’t use the internet browser on your phone to access everything. Most websites are supported with an app version for a smoother experience. Often, depending on the device you’re using and how that device manages certain web pages and their layout, you can experience buttons not responding correctly, or an awkward scroller that means you can only see half the page at any given time. With installed software, everything has been designed and tailored to suit the device your working off from the get-go. This means the experience of using the software is richer, but also how you interface with that software and gauge its functionality is drastically improved.
  • Installed software won’t lose your information if you press the refresh button too many times!
    One of the most frustrating experiences of using a web-based platform is unresponsiveness. You hit the button labelled ‘Continue’ several times but nothing changes. You may even find yourself pressing the same button more aggressively despite the fact you know this will make very little difference to the outcome. Eventually, you give up and attempt to refresh your page. This result is one of two things: your browser crashing or your page refreshing only for you to discover that everything you’ve been working on has disappeared. Installed software removes the bugs and rough edges of web-based software from the equation. There is no temperamental re-fresh button!
  • Installed software is accessible on any device
    Contrary to the belief that web-based software is more efficient in this category as it doesn’t require a software installation on each device, installed software is often incredibly simple to set-up. These days, most installed software is compatible with multiple devices, functioning on laptops, desktops, smartphones, etc. It can also be well-suited to a range of operating systems. Whilst web-based software is also capable of doing this, browsers can be temperamental on certain devices and are prone to crashing as they rely heavily on a strong and consistent internet connection.
  • Installed software can be viewed when offline
    One of the best things about installed software is that your data is saved to the software on your device. This means, although you won’t be able to make changes to your data, you can view it without an internet connection, so you don’t run the risk of losing anything vital at the moment you most need it. Web-based software, however, is entirely dependant on the stability of your internet connection at the time you want to access it. Without a strong signal or any signal at all, your data is entirely off-limits until you find Wi-Fi.
  • Installed software means you never lose access or control of your data. Data can also be entered and reported quickly
    Installed software can be saved to your device as well as externally. This means your data is less likely to become lost or inaccessible. With web-based platforms, your data is at risk of becoming lost if you find yourself unable to access the internet. Your data is never entirely yours as it exists within the vast space of the internet. Installed software is also better at handling your data. It’s much easier to take data from installed software and create professional dashboards and reports that are easy to maintain. Data that lives on the web needs extracting from the web in order to be used elsewhere. Installed software skips this unnecessary inconvenience.